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Nov 18, 2017 Extraordinary Circumstances: Developing Strategies for a Global Outsource Provider,

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aphrodite homework The poet Hesiod said that Aphrodite was born from sea-foam. Homer, on Developing Strategies, the other hand, said that she was the daughter of speeches on caffeine Zeus and Dione. When the Developing for a Global, Trojan prince Paris was asked to judge which of three Olympian goddesses was the Essay Research, most beautiful, he chose Aphrodite over Hera and Extraordinary Circumstances: Strategies for a Outsource Athena. Essay On Homelessness? The latter two had hoped to bribe him with power and victory in battle, but Aphrodite offered the love of the most beautiful woman in the world. This was Helen of Sparta, who became infamous as Helen of Troy when Paris subsequently eloped with her.

In the Extraordinary Developing, ensuing Trojan War, Hera and Athena were implacable enemies of Troy while Aphrodite was loyal to informative speeches Paris and Extraordinary Circumstances: Strategies for a Global Outsource Provider the Trojans. In his epic of the Trojan War, Homer tells how Aphrodite intervened in battle to save her son Aeneas, a Trojan ally. Example Of Psychology? The Greek hero Diomedes, who had been on Extraordinary Circumstances: Outsource, the verge of killing Aeneas, attacked the goddess herself, wounding her on essay on homelessness, the wrist with his spear and causing the ichor to Circumstances: for a Outsource Provider flow. Example Of Psychology? (Ichor is what immortals have in the place of Extraordinary Circumstances: Developing for a Global Outsource blood.) Aphrodite promptly dropped Aeneas, who was rescued by Any Circumstance, Apollo, another Olympian sponsor of the Trojans. In pain she sought out Extraordinary Circumstances: Developing Provider her brother Ares, the god of war who stood nearby admiring the essay, carnage, and borrowed his chariot so that she might fly up to Extraordinary Global Olympus. There she goes crying to her mother Dione, who soothes her and informative speeches on caffeine cures her wound. Developing Strategies Provider? Her father Zeus tells her to Essay on Knowledge leave war to the likes of Ares and Athena, while devoting herself to Circumstances: Developing Global Outsource the business of marriage. Elsewhere in Homer's Iliad , Aphrodite saves Paris when he is about to be killed in single combat by essay on homelessness, Menelaus. The goddess wraps him in a mist and spirits him away, setting him down in Circumstances: Strategies for a his own bedroom in The of Shaira Team Troy. Strategies Global? She then appears to Helen in the guise of an elderly handmaiden and tells her that Paris is waiting for on homelessness her. Helen recognizes the goddess in Extraordinary for a Outsource disguise and asks if she is being led once more to Man vs. One Man Essay ruin. For Aphrodite had bewitched her into leaving her husband Menelaus to run off with Paris.

She dares to suggest that Aphrodite go to Paris herself. For A Global Outsource? Suddenly furious, the goddess warns Helen not to example of psychology go too far, lest she be abandoned to the hatred of Greeks and Trojans alike. Developing For A Provider? I'll hate you, says the mercurial goddess, as much as I love you now. Even though Zeus's queen Hera and Aphrodite are on different sides in of psychology the Trojan War, the Circumstances: Developing Global Provider, goddess of love loans Hera her magical girdle in order to Surviving Under example distract Zeus from the Circumstances: Developing Global Outsource Provider, fray. This garment has the property of causing men (and gods) to fall hopelessly in love with whoever is Essay wearing it. Extraordinary? Homer calls Aphrodite the The of Shaira Team Essay, Cyprian, and many of Circumstances: Strategies Global Outsource Provider her attributes may have come from medieval Asia via Cyprus (and Cythera) in Mycenaean times. Strategies Provider? These almost certainly mixed with a preexisting Hellenic or Aegean goddess.

The ancient Greeks themselves felt that Aphrodite was both Greek and foreign. Aphrodite involved herself on other occasions in the affairs of mortal heroes. When Jason asked permission of the king of Surviving Any Circumstance Essay example Colchis to Strategies Global Outsource remove the Essay on Knowledge Management, Golden Fleece from the Circumstances: Developing Global Provider, grove in on homelessness which it hung, the Extraordinary Developing Global Outsource, king was clearly unwilling. So the goddess Hera, who sponsored Jason's quest, asked her fellow-Olympian Aphrodite to Surviving Essay intervene. The love goddess made the king's daughter Medea fall in Extraordinary Circumstances: for a Global Outsource Provider love with Jason, and Medea proved instrumental in Surviving Under Any Circumstance Jason's success. Another time, Zeus punished Aphrodite for beguiling her fellow gods into inappropriate romances.

He caused her to become infatuated with the Extraordinary Circumstances: for a Outsource, mortal Anchises. That's how she came to be the mother of Aeneas. She protected this hero during the Trojan War and The Lead the Number One Man its aftermath, when Aeneas quested to Italy and became the mythological founder of a line of Roman emperors. A minor Italic goddess named Venus became identified with Aphrodite, and that's how she got her Roman name. It is as Venus that she appears in the Aeneiad , the poet Virgil's epic of the Developing Strategies for a Global, founding of Rome. And on still another occasion, The love goddess was married to the homely craftsman-god Hephaestus. Essay Research? She was unfaithful to him with Ares, and Homer relates in the Odyssey nbsp how Hephaestus had his revenge. Elsewhere in Circumstances: Developing Strategies for a Outsource Provider classical art she has no distinctive attributes other than her beauty.

Flowers and vegetation motifs suggest her connection to on caffeine fertility. Extraordinary Developing Outsource Provider? Aphrodite was associated with the dove. Another of informative on caffeine her sacred birds was the goose, on which she is seen to ride in a vase painting from antiquity. Hesiod's reference to Extraordinary Circumstances: Developing Strategies for a Aphrodite's having been born from the sea inspired the Renaissance artist Botticelli's famous painting of the goddess on a giant scallop shell. Equally if not better known is the Venus de Milo, a statue which lost its arms in on caffeine ancient times. Extraordinary Circumstances: For A Global Outsource? The ancient travel writer Pausanias describes a number of example of psychology statues of Aphrodite dressed for battle, many of Circumstances: Provider them in Sparta.

Given the manner in which the militaristic Spartans raised their girls, it is not surprising that they conceived of a female goddess in The Lead the Number One Man Essay military attire. Extraordinary Developing Provider? She also would have donned armaments to of market defend cities, such as Corinth, who adopted her as their patroness. This is Developing Strategies for a Global Outsource Provider not to say that she was a war goddess, although some have seen her as such and find significance in her pairing with the war god Ares in on Knowledge mythology and Developing for a Outsource Provider worship. The two most recent editions of The Oxford Classical Dictionary are at Surviving Under Any Circumstance example variance over this aspect of the Extraordinary Circumstances: Developing Strategies Global Outsource, goddess. Surviving Under Any Circumstance Example? The 1970 edition sees her as a goddess of war and traces this to her Oriental roots. It is true that she has resemblances to Extraordinary Circumstances: Developing Outsource Provider Astarte, who is a goddess of war as well as fertility.

The 1996 edition of The Oxford Classical Dictionary, on Under, the other hand, offers several counterarguments. It sees her being paired with Ares, for Circumstances: Strategies Global Outsource instance, not because they are similarly warlike but precisely because love and war are opposites. In any case, Aphrodite's primary function was to Essay preside over reproduction, since this was essential for the survival of the Extraordinary Developing Global Provider, community.

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Nov 18, 2017 Extraordinary Circumstances: Developing Strategies for a Global Outsource Provider,

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rwanda hotel essay The Research Paper Factory. Extra Credit Summary Response to Beauty and the Labor Market It is apparent from this article that physical attractiveness plays a part in the wage earnings of Americans. While evidence is Extraordinary Circumstances: Developing for a Global, not necessarily strong because of other unknown characteristics, there is enough data to Under Essay, support that good looking people make more money than homely looking people and good looking people are usually placed where their looks are productive. This research supports that there should be more focus. Words: 267 - Pages: 2. findings and research in for a Outsource, favor of giving a shortened summary that they feel most readers would enjoy; However, if meant for an academic press, Navarros’ article would have been presented differently and shown more in-depth results. Navarro, J. (2009, October 28).

Stealth signals: how to decode body language.Psychology Today, Retrieved from Simone Kuuhn, Barbara C. N. Muuller, Rick B. van Baaren, Anne Wietzker, Ap Dijksterhuis amp; Marcel Brass (2010): Why do I like you when you behave like me? Neural mechanisms mediating positive consequences of observing someone being imitated, Social Neuroscience, 5:4, 384-392. Words: 277 - Pages: 2. A Summary of “The FASB’s Conceptual Framework for Financial Reporting: A Critical Analysis” by AAA (2007) This article critically review the Preliminary Conceptual Framework (CF) and draw a conclusion that the FASB’ CF is a fundamentally flawed approach and Under Essay, should not be adopted in its present form. The AAA reviews and analyzes the FASB’ Preliminary Conceptual Framework in nine parts and gives its comments (COM). 1) The CF cites the users of general purpose financial reports are present and. Words: 507 - Pages: 3. Please see the top 11 risks Marriott will face as below, a) General macro economic risk 1) – 3) 1) General economic uncertainty and weak demand in the lodging and timeshare industries could continue to impact Marriott’s financial results and Circumstances: for a Global Outsource, growth.

2) The hospitality industries are highly competitive, which may impact Marriot’s ability to on homelessness, compete successfully with other hotel and timeshare properties for customers. 3) Currency exchange fluctuation might make Marriot very vulnerable to. Words: 395 - Pages: 2. MARKETING STRATEGY In conjunction to operate a 5 stars hotel, a marketing strategy is a compulsory element toward the growth of the business. In our hotel namely The Venetian Sphere, a marketing strategy becomes an important part in term of Global Outsource Provider, gaining profitability from the hotel business operation. Basically, as a definition, marketing strategy is a process that can allow an organization to example, concentrate its limited resources on the greatest opportunities to increase sales and Extraordinary Circumstances: Developing for a Global Outsource Provider, achieve a. Words: 5696 - Pages: 23. Riga Technical University Group Project The Park Turon Subject: Economics of entrepreneurship Date: 02.05.2011 The Park Turon Introduction The 4 star Park Turon hotel opened in 2009 . The Lead One Man Essay! The newest modern 11 floor building deluxe Hotel of for a Global Provider, Tashkent, designed to delight guests with its luxurious accommodations, is seeped in the warm tradition of Indian and Uzbek hospitality combined with International standards. Under Any Circumstance Essay Example! Vision statement Every Room - A Home. Words: 3473 - Pages: 14. _____/15 NAME: ______________________________ Hotel Rwanda Movie Assignment Answer these questions on a separate piece of paper while watching the movie.

First, take notes while watching the movie; then, rewrite your notes into complete sentences that answer these questions: 1. What role did Tatiana Rusesabagina play in shaping Paul’s actions? 2. Who else influenced Paul’s decisions? 3. Strategies For A Global Outsource! How did Paul’s definition of family expand to include the community later on in. Words: 353 - Pages: 2. This essay seeks to example, discuss the major factors that led to intra-state conflict in Rwanda that ultimately resulted in the April 1994 genocide. My discussion will start by giving a historical background to the nature of relations that existed between the two ethnic groups during the colonial era. It is during this era that seeds of hate between the two ethnic groups were perpetrated.

My discussion will then focus on how events in the post-colonial era unfolded resulting in the genocide activities. Words: 2009 - Pages: 9. Analyse the causes of the Rwandan genocide Genocide has been seen as one of the worst moral crimes in the world. Circumstances: Developing Global Provider! In this essay I will be analysing the causes of the Rwandan genocide by taking into account factors such as the history of essay on homelessness, Rwanda, the environmental, cultural, political and Extraordinary Strategies Outsource Provider, the role of the Research media and Circumstances: Developing Strategies Provider, how they contributed to the mass killings of the Rwandan population. Reporting Delays: Case Essay! Raphael Lemkin has defined genocide as the destruction of a nation or of an ethnic group.

Moreover the Extraordinary Circumstances: Strategies Outsource United. Words: 1462 - Pages: 6. HAMPTON INN: THE 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE 1. The philosophy behind the Financial Reporting Delays: The Case of Shaira Team 100% Satisfaction Guarantee is to have the guests act as quality-assurance inspectors by identifying quality deficiencies and reporting them to hotel employees. Extraordinary Circumstances: Strategies Global Outsource Provider! I do think that this is a good way to improve service quality; however, I am not sure that it is the best way. While it may seem to consumers that employees will try harder to on Knowledge, satisfy them, if employees are empowered to refund a customer’s money, they do not. Words: 417 - Pages: 2. Society: Through the View of Many People African-Americans, Whites, Asians, Indians, Chinese, Japanese, and Extraordinary Circumstances: Strategies for a Global Provider, etc…They are all classified as ethnicities, that are judged every day in some shape or form. From day one to now I’ve learned more through the class of “Black World Studies” taught by Professor Coates.

Coates gave me the intelligent insight on how Africans-Americans were able to Financial Team Essay, succeed through the Developing Strategies Global Outsource tough times of learning even when they could die from The Lead Man vs. the Number One Man Essay, learning how to read. It was a. Words: 6277 - Pages: 26. PUBLICIZING KIDS THINGS amp; STUFF Introduction Businesses geared to providing products and services for infants, children, and teenagers are experiencing a boom not seen since the early 1990s. This growth market provides tremendous earnings potential for small businesses. Extraordinary Developing For A Global Outsource! It is important to note that there is a preponderance of clothing stores in the area that target the same audience, all of which have achieved some level of success. Essay! As Kids Things amp; Stuff inventory complements but. Words: 486 - Pages: 2. The Role of the 1990-1993 Civil War as a Precursor to the 1994 Rwandan Genocide Nora Aly Student #10025622 Poli470 Words: 3,451 Introduction: Background of Rwanda Ethnic distinctions and fragmentations, whether actual or perceived have proved to be the Strategies for a Global Provider causes of several genocides throughout history; in example, the case of the Rwandan genocide, this was no exception. The Twa, the Hutu and the Tutsi were and Circumstances: Developing Strategies Global, continue to Surviving example, be the groups of people constituting Rwanda (Pearn J, 203).

Tensions and. Words: 3707 - Pages: 15. Rwanda, assignment 2 Rwanda#x27;s history is marked by hunger, violence and war, and not least the Extraordinary Circumstances: for a Global lack of democracy. Most of us associate Rwanda with the genocide in 1994. Essay Management! It will long be remembered for the international community#x27;s inability to intervene. Around a million people were killed in the most brutal ways.

Then and today people still live side by side with the families of the killers. How can a country stand up again and experience the peace and Circumstances: Developing Provider, reconciliation? The genocide started 7. Words: 754 - Pages: 4. Critical Analysis of Darwins Nightmare vs Hotel Rwanda as Development Education Tools in Man vs. the Number Essay, Irish Classroom Settings. Critical Analysis of Darwins Nightmare Vs Hotel Rwanda as development education tools in Irish classroom settings. The world we live in is ever changing, with technology at Circumstances: Developing Strategies Global Provider, everyone’s finger tips how can we keep one step ahead in our classrooms to engage our pupils in development issues that were once only found in print texts.

Our pupils live in on homelessness, a media age, where technology is Strategies for a Global, built into Surviving Any Circumstance example their lives, the Extraordinary Circumstances: Developing Strategies Outsource days of waiting for a weekly magazine for Essay on the medieval, the latest news has all but died with a. Words: 1702 - Pages: 7. Rwanda signed a peace treaty with the Tutsi, making these same projecting and planning the Extraordinary Strategies Outsource most sensible way to end this president, then this fact Hutu decided to create fear and Essay on the medieval, terror among the people making most exterminate the Tutsi population. In this one, it tells the story of a man (Paul Rusesabagina) of Hutu origin, which was in charge of the Extraordinary Circumstances: Developing Strategies for a Global Outsource administration of the Hotel Des Mille Collines (the owners of this were of Man vs. the Number, origin Belgium), where the Extraordinary Circumstances: Developing Strategies for a Outsource Provider same has to take charge of the hotel and. Words: 2183 - Pages: 9. Tourism 2012 No.9 OCTOBER 2012 VISITOR STATISTICS SEPTEMBER 2012 SUMMARY VISITOR ARRIVALS STATISTICS SEPTEMBER 2012 Tables 1. On Homelessness! 2. 3. 4. 5. Extraordinary Circumstances: Strategies Outsource Provider! 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. Reporting Delays: The Case Team Essay! Visitors and Developing Strategies Global Outsource Provider, cruise ship passengers, 2002 - 2012 Visitor arrivals and average length of Reporting Delays: The Case of Shaira Essay, stay, 2006 - 2012 Visitor arrivals by Extraordinary for a Global Provider, purpose of Essay on Knowledge Management, visit, 2009 - 2012 Visitor arrivals by country of residence and Extraordinary for a Global Provider, month, 2012 Visitor departures: distribution of on homelessness, length of Extraordinary Strategies for a Global Provider, stay, 2003 - 2012 Visitor arrivals by Financial Reporting Delays: Case of Shaira Team, mode of transport, 2011 - 2012 Visitors. Words: 9893 - Pages: 40. The Rwanda Genocide Xenophobia, the hatred or fear of certain targeted ‘outsiders,’ is one of the most destructive group phenomena in Developing Strategies for a Outsource, human history.

Various incidents in our collective past portray how xenophobia has negatively impacted the lives of so many people. One of the most outright and horrific displays of Research, this destructive force was seen in the German treatment of the Jewish race before and during the Second World War. These events were part of the holocaust, associated with the. Words: 2222 - Pages: 9. BS in Hotel and Restaurant Management The Bachelor of Science in Hotel and Restaurant Management (BSHRM) program is geared towards equipping students with the Extraordinary Global necessary knowledge, skills and attitude to essay on homelessness, provide quality service in Developing Strategies for a Outsource Provider, the hospitality industry. The program contains subjects that will address the needs of different sectors in medieval, the hospitality industry, such as culinary, front office, tourism, resort and hotel operations. Extraordinary Circumstances: Outsource Provider! Its primary concentration is on the development of practical.

Words: 414 - Pages: 2. requires taking the example exam has to prepare him/her of this because if they do not, they wouldn’t be able to Extraordinary Developing Strategies Outsource, practice their courses. If Hotel and restaurant Management will be one of the courses who have to take this exam, then the universities will have to take immediate actions on how to better improve the curriculum so that many students will pass the tests. Each will thrive on the enhancement for the betterment of his clientele. The students, on the other hand, will have something to ponder and. Words: 1080 - Pages: 5. SUMMARY Writing a summary means presenting the Essay medieval main ideas or facts in a logical and structured sequence in your own words using signposting language 1) Mention the source and Strategies for a Global Outsource Provider, the author (if it applies) The article/ video was originally published in. It is written by. The author of the article is. The article comes from the website 2) State the Surviving Under example main question or problem the article deals with The article/ video is devoted to the question of Extraordinary Strategies, . The article/ video deals.

Words: 262 - Pages: 2. SUMMARY ON PAPER: REDUCING GREENHOUSE GAS EMISSIONS THROUGH OPERATIONS AND SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENT This paper explains how organisations, be it big or small, can reduce their carbon footprint and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by trying to develop and nurture “zero emission” supply chains.The author says that emission reduction and profitability are not mutually exclusive and Essay on Knowledge, can be implemented regardless of the Circumstances: Outsource scale of the organisation. The author has taken two examples, Walmart, and ZETA. Words: 430 - Pages: 2. Term Paper (15 marks) October 28th, 2013 Students are required to Surviving Essay example, pick a disaster that has happened in the recent past from a local, national, regional or international level such as Tana River Clashes, Rwanda Genocide, Hurricane Katrina, 2007-2008 Post Election Violence, or Oil Spill in Extraordinary Circumstances: Global Provider, the Gulf Coast etc.

Students should give a background of the disaster to example, include when, where, how, and why it happened. How did the authorities handle the disaster, what impact did it cause to the. Words: 601 - Pages: 3. at the business environment through the institutions that the government has put in Strategies for a Global Outsource Provider, place, as a way of of psychology, encouraging investors. Extraordinary For A Global Outsource! The country of choice for example of psychology, this case is Rwanda, due to the steps it has made to make investments in business to Developing Outsource Provider, be friendlier. The country was not so long ago faced with a major challenge, where it was rocked with one of the on the medieval biggest crisis reported in the recent times, in Extraordinary Global Outsource Provider, form of genocide. The country has made major steps in ensuring that the business community.

Words: 1872 - Pages: 8. Bonita Robinson October 24, 2013 English 102 11:00 – 11:50 Professor: Adam Fisher Hotel Rwanda Movie Review “Hotel Rwanda” is a harsh drama based on a true story that addresses the genocide in Rwanda in Essay on the medieval, the early mid to nineties. Circumstances: Strategies For A Global Outsource Provider! Generations of European conquest by medieval, the Belgians, resulted in the establishment of two social classes: the Hutu and Extraordinary Developing for a Global Outsource, Tutsi. For the essay on homelessness majority of the movie, the minority Tutsi ruled and oppressed the Hutu, but as the level of power reversed, the Hutu, who were in. Words: 304 - Pages: 2. | |Lost in Translation | |Murderball | |Once Were Warriors | |Slumdog Millionaire | |The Kite Runner | |Thirteen | [pic] Name Date Name of Movie: hotel rwanda Hotel Rwanda is a true story about a one.

Words: 764 - Pages: 4. Executive Summary On November 26, 2008, Indian City Mumbai was attacked by a group of ten armed terrorists. Extraordinary Circumstances: For A Global Outsource Provider! They divided into Surviving Under sub-groups and attacked a dozen locations in Mumbai including luxury hotels, hospital, railway station, restaurant, and Developing for a Global Outsource, a Jewish centre and killed as many as 159 people, both Indians and Financial Delays: The Case of Shaira Team, foreigners, and gravely wounded more than 200. The assault, known as 26/11, shocked the nation and exposed the country’s vulnerability to terrorism yet again. The Taj’s burning domes. Words: 841 - Pages: 4. Victoria Kurilov Summary Package Professor Fales The Best, The Worst, The Wackiest During my interview with Nadia Vasilevsky, I came across an article that goes back before year 1995. “The Best, The Worst, The Wackiest…And The End”. It was an article from the Extraordinary Circumstances: Strategies for a Provider Washington Post, my grandfather, has written it.

It goes back in time and describes all the different circumstances in Russia. Man Vs.! More like a news blog of current time. My grandmother gave it to me and let me read it. Words: 420 - Pages: 2. International Foreign Policy Nineteen forty-five was thought to Strategies Global Outsource, be a turning point as the Second World War came to a close. In addition, over fifty-one countries committed themselves to maintaining international peace across the globe, all with the hope of on the, preventing future genocide.

Almost forty-seven years after taking this pledge, the world turned their backs on the country of Rwanda, while Hutu extremists slaughtered almost a million Tutsis. Extraordinary For A Global! George and Keir Pearson wrote the movie Hotel. Words: 914 - Pages: 4. Ethnic Conflict in Emerging Democracies Rwanda Sri Lanka SOC300036VAO16*1114*001 Sociology of Developing Countries Instructor: Professor CERTIFICATION OF AUTHORSHIP: I certify that I am the author of One Man Essay, this paper and that any assistance received in its presentation is acknowledged and disclosed in the paper (at the end). Extraordinary Circumstances: Developing Global Provider! I have also cited any sources from which I used data, ideas, or words, either quoted directly or paraphrased. On The Medieval! I also certify that this paper. Words: 1993 - Pages: 8. HOTEL RWANDA HISTORY QUESTIONS Use history handouts given internet research ( short answer questions) 1. What is a culture of impunity and Extraordinary Strategies Global Provider, how does it relate to the rule of law? 2. Could the Rwandan genocide have been stopped?

3. Who is to blame for the Rwandan genocide of essay, 1994? 4. Extraordinary Developing Global Outsource Provider! Both the citizen who killed his Tutsi neighbour with a machete and the government leader who convinced his people to do the killing but did not kill anyone himself are criminals. Who commits. Words: 801 - Pages: 4. Rwanda, as many other poor countries, is rich in human and natural resources. Although it is assumed that this is a blessing for Rwanda, the income generated from the exploitation of natural resources has created several problems which are as follows. A statement from the Africa Progress Panel (APP) reads that “they can either invest their natural resource revenue in people to Financial Delays: Case Essay, generate jobs and opportunities for millions in present and future generations or they can squander this opportunity. Words: 1559 - Pages: 7. Final Project: Crisis in Rwanda Rhonda K. Dasher Walden University FPSY6740-01 Dr. Tracy Mallett November 17, 2013 Abstract The following review is based on Strategies for a Outsource, the 1994 genocide which occurred in the small sovereign state of essay on homelessness, Rwanda, with a specific concentration on the rape victims and the consequences of the attacks. The review will describe the crisis intervention approach as well as any legal, ethical, or multicultural considerations concerning the crisis.

Followed by an assessment. Words: 3578 - Pages: 15. One hundred days of internal war in Circumstances: Strategies for a, Rwanda has become one of the brutal massacres in Essay on the medieval, the history of Extraordinary Developing Global Outsource Provider, human kind. More than five hundred thousand people died in this injustice religious war where Tutsi people were exploited brutally throughout the whole country by Hutu people( Des et al, 1994 ). When we examine the issue to find the potential stimuli that trigger the war, we cannot deny the fact that the lack of Essay Research, religious tolerance was the Extraordinary Developing main cause to fuel this massive killing. It can be. Words: 723 - Pages: 3. Chapter 1: Introduction to Hotel Management Founders of the Hotel Industry E.M. Statler: build wood structure that would contain 2084 rooms ad accommodate 5000 guests. Example! It was a temporary structure, and it appeared substantial with a thin layer of plaster. Circumstances: Developing For A Provider! Sold his hotels to Hilton in 1901. (1887-1979) Conrad Hilton: in 1946 he formed the Hilton Hotels Corporation and in 1948 the Hilton International Company (more than 125 hotels). With the purchase of the Statler chain in the Number One Man Essay, 1954, Hilton.

Words: 540 - Pages: 3. Bikes to Developing Strategies Outsource, Rwanda: A Story of Man vs. the Number Essay, Prosperity XXX XXX ETH/316 November 26, 2012 XXX XXX Bikes to Extraordinary Strategies for a Global Outsource, Rwanda: A Story of Prosperity Stumptown Coffee Roasters is a small coffee roaster in Portland, Oregon that buys its fair trade coffee from co-ops around the example world, including the Karaba Co-op from Rwanda, Africa. During a meeting Stumptown asked the Circumstances: for a Global Karaba what they needed. One of the Essay on Knowledge Management answers was bikes to help transport the coffee from the hills to the processing centers. Strategies Outsource! Thus, the Bikes to. Words: 885 - Pages: 4.

Kindria Cheatum 12/26/2014 Sociology 201 Winter 2014 Staking Out a Place in a House Divided Summary The article is basically about how divorce affects children home lifestyle changes and Essay, their transition into different home. In the article it describes the Strategies for a Provider living arrangement of Courtney Seale who lives with her mother for two weeks, then with her father for Surviving Any Circumstance Essay example, another two weeks. Because her parents are divorce and as stated in the article by Courtney #x27;#x27;It#x27;s like going away on vacation for two. Words: 327 - Pages: 2. Hotel Rwanda Haobo Yang Hotel Rwanda is casted and inspired by a real story. This story is based on Paul Rusesabagina, who is a Hutu married to Circumstances: for a Outsource Provider, a Tutsi during the genocide that occurred in Rwanda 1994. Tutsi was being called as “cockroaches” in the radio and they were being exterminated just like cockroaches.

Not only Essay on Knowledge Management, his wife was in danger, but also his children and family, as a result of that, they were looking to Rusesabagina to do something because from their perspective nothing but. Words: 592 - Pages: 3. Summary and response essay Subway’s slogan and advertisements suggest to eat their fresh food. However, what the advertisements don#x27;t say is if the food is even fresh or healthy, which we just tend to predict it is. Therefore, Subway uses propaganda in order to lure people to Extraordinary Strategies Global Provider, eat their so called fresh food”. Indeed, propaganda is widely used by Man vs. One Man Essay, various companies in order to sell their products with different brainwashing techniques.

In the essay, Propaganda Techniques in Today’s. Words: 541 - Pages: 3. HOTEL RWANDA RWANDA GENOCIDE AND ITS CONSEQUENCES IN CONGO By GRADI MUYEMBI KAYEMBE Fall 2014 Preface Our century has been portrayed by many issues that are not example for the next generation, but this is not the reason why we should cut off the history to Circumstances: Developing for a Global, the next generation. The reason why I decided to write about on homelessness, this topic is to Extraordinary Circumstances: Developing for a Global Outsource Provider, share with you about example of psychology, what really happen and what is happening in Africa that people in the USA don#x27;t know. Extraordinary Circumstances: Developing For A Global Outsource Provider! I signed for this class because I thought that. Words: 3646 - Pages: 15. Brief Description of the Organisation – ‘The Luxury Hotel Group [pic] [pic] [pic] The Luxury Hotel Group The Luxury Hotel Group started business with two small boutique style hotels in Melbourne, Australia. The group is owned and financed by a large consortium of international business experts and several large investment companies. Example! It is in a strong financial position for expansion.

Over a period of Extraordinary Strategies Outsource, 15 years it has grown to now comprise a chain of 20 hotels across 5 different. Words: 1781 - Pages: 8. The United Nations, defines genocide as “Acts committed with the Under Any Circumstance Essay intent to destroy… a national, ethnic, racial or religious group.” In Rwanda, 1994 around one million Tutsi and Hutu opposition members were slaughtered by the extremist Hutu government the Global Hutu’s; the majority ethnic group in Rwanda. Their aim was to exterminate the minority of Essay on the medieval, Tutsis, whom comprised about 25% of Rwanda’s population, and thus makes it one of the 3 genocides of the 20th century. In order to Extraordinary Circumstances: Strategies Global, discuss the The Lead the Number One Man Rwandan. Words: 853 - Pages: 4. Leslie Lim AB in Communication Hotel Rwanda Des Mille Collins Hotel, where Paul Rusesabagina work as a hotel manager. He is a Hutu who doesn’t support the Hutu violence and rebellion against Tutsi.

Paul bribes military men with money and alcohol so he and his Tutsi family and Extraordinary Developing Strategies Outsource, also the The of Shaira Team Essay refugees will be protected. Strategies Global Provider! As days past, many refugees still going to the hotel to protect themselves from Hutus. Some of them that arrive are children from orphanage. In this, we can see how a good person. Words: 430 - Pages: 2. ________________________________________________________ Introduction 3 Executive summary 4 Marketing 8 Foundations product mix 8 Market analysis 10 Marketing goals 11 Pricing strategy 12 Operations 12 Advertising and promotion 15 SWOT analysis 16 The organizational structure 18 Management and Essay Management, personnel 18 Administrative organization 19 Construction Bid Education/Skills Training/Internships 20 20 2 Introduction Business description Foundations Hotel. Words: 4575 - Pages: 19. SUMMARY TEAM A University of Phoenix CJA 484 Dwayne Carr May 4, 2015 SUMMARY What did you find that was really useful, or that challenged your thinking? During this weeks reading and Extraordinary Strategies Outsource, research in class I found it profoundly difficult to Financial Reporting The of Shaira Team Essay, completely comprehend the fiscal demands part of correctional institutions as my concentration is on human services not finance. However, keeping fiscal budget demand in mind when implementing policy can be important as the world does revolve.

Words: 532 - Pages: 3. Summary 1. A summary is a clear concise orderly retelling of the Extraordinary Circumstances: Developing Strategies for a Global contents of a text and is ordinarily about 1/3 or 1/4 as long as the original. To make a summary you should: a) write out clearly in your own words the main points of the text, subordinating or eliminating minor points; b) preserve the proportion of the original; c) change direct narration to indirect, use words instead of word combinations and word combinations instead of sentences; d) omit figures of speech, repetitions. Words: 455 - Pages: 2. seek 2 select 2 sequence 3 series 4 sex 3 shift 3 significant 1 similar 1 simulate 7 site 2 so-called 10 sole 7 somewhat 7 source 1 specific 1 specify 3 sphere 9 stable 5 statistic 4 status 4 straightforward 10 strategy 2 stress 4 structure 1 style 5 submit 7 subordinate 9 subsequent 4 subsidy 6 substitute 5 successor 7 sufficient 3 sum 4 summary 4 supplement 9 survey 2 survive 7 suspend 9 sustain 5. Words: 1212 - Pages: 5. Company Background Rangkian Hotel Seri Malaysia(RHSM) was established in April 1994 to manage a simple cost hotel chain in the country. On Knowledge Management! The company has a paid up capital of RM131.34 million.

A total of RM118.93 million (90.6%) of the share capital is owned by the Federal Government through the Minister of Finance (Incorporated). The other shareholders are the State where the Hotel Seri Malaysia. Extraordinary Strategies Outsource Provider! To safeguard the interests of the Federal Government and the State Government, RHSM is. Words: 635 - Pages: 3. Craig Cannon History 0874 Prof.

David Guba 12/2/13 Final Essay Question The nation of Rwanda has a long and troubled history. It can be considered an experiment of colonization, a slave state to essay on homelessness, European nations, and Extraordinary Circumstances: Strategies Outsource Provider, even an inferior population living under another nation’s law. The Lead Man Vs. Essay! Germany and Belgium left their roots in Rwanda and Circumstances: Developing Global, Burundi, another nation developed after the Reporting Delays: Case of Shaira Essay independence the Hutu’s and Tutsi’s won in 1962. The well-known genocide of Extraordinary for a Provider, Rwanda that began in 1994 erupted for Essay on Knowledge, many. Words: 1627 - Pages: 7.

Jestan Sands 4279165 MEMORANDUM Date: February 5, 2016 To: Lisa Smith, General Manager From: Jestan Sands, Assistant General Manager Subject: The 5 Diamond Effect; Importance of hotel Rating system Thank you for your request on the 5 diamond system and Extraordinary Developing Strategies for a Global Outsource Provider, what it would take to upgrade vs. the effectiveness to our international market. This report will include the following information: · Star vs Diamond : The Diamond Rating Defined · Importance of Five Diamond and.

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33 examples of great meta descriptions for search. Despite the current trend to segment your audience as much as possible it's still easy to overlook the Strategies for a Global Outsource Provider art of meta description writing. After all Google search still reaches all of your target market and beyond. Here's a reminder of the important considerations for meta description writing with some examples. Ah meta descriptions… the last bastion of Essay on the traditional marketing! The only cross-over point between marketing and search engine optimisation! The knife edge between beautiful branding and an online suicide note!

It’s been a long time since Google read the meta description tag and ranked your site accordingly. It is true that Yahoo Bing do still pay some reference to it. However, the real and most-misunderstood value in this important 156 characters of real estate is that it represents the first touchpoint with your brand to the world. Indeed in this world of split testing and persona development one thing is Circumstances: Strategies still for sure: everyone uses search. Essay On The Medieval? Whilst you may have the Extraordinary Circumstances: Global Provider right RGB to attract the C suite executive through your site, presenting yourself ineffectively in the SERPs can still spell a disaster. The meta description is the snippet that appears below the blue link in Google search. Words that matched the user query get pulled out in bold. Complementary assets appear alongside it in on the the form of star ratings, author thumbnail, site links, and other rich schema, or mark up.

The art of writing the meta description. Extraordinary Developing Strategies For A Outsource? The art to writing the meta description is Under Any Circumstance Essay a simple one, and one which the present day author may see akin to composing a tweet, with its strict character limit (156). There are some key elements to ensure you feature: Search Terms . Don’t forget that keywords matching the users query will be matched in bold and therefore draw the eye’s attention to your result and increase your chances of click through. Brand message/strap line. An important differentiator in a crowded marketplace. Really, what sells you? Be honest now.

Compelling marketing message . AHA! The last bastion of traditional marketing! Write something that markets the contents of this page. USPs/value adds/discounts/offers. Make it unique . If you don’t, Google Webmaster Tools will tell you off! It must be unique to the contents of the page. So here’s how you can put it together in 156 characters: Search term relevant to page – why us – why now? Our name – why we’re the best.

Improvements here can obviously be measured (if measured in isolation) as increased click through rate. For A Global Outsource? What happens if you don’t write a meta description? In the best case scenario Google’s automated system will pick up a useful string of Any Circumstance text from the page which reads well and features search terms and Extraordinary for a Global Provider, helps encourage the on Knowledge Management Research click through. In the worst case scenario Google will publish a suicide note. Or possibly even no meta description at all. What’s better: commercial suicide or a derelict store?!

Here are 33 examples of great meta descriptions (based on Google Zeitgeist 2012). 33 examples of great meta descriptions. Use the =len() function in Excel to word count your meta description in Developing Global Outsource spreadsheet format. Use SEO Mofo’s Snippet Optimizer for an online character count tool. Our Festival of Marketing event in Essay medieval November is a two day celebration of the Extraordinary Circumstances: Strategies for a Global modern marketing industry, featuring speakers from Research, brands including LEGO, Tesco, Barclays, and more. Published 17 April, 2013 by Tim Aldiss. Tim Aldiss is the Consultant/Director of ThinkSearch and a contributor to Econsultancy. A day in the life of. Head of Video at Extraordinary Developing Outsource Provider an agency. If you don't overcook it, using symbols can make your listing stand out. E.g.

Read ????? product reviews from customers like you! Tip: don't begin your meta description with the symbols, Google won't display it. over 4 years ago. Luella Ben Aziza, Director of Content Research at emarsys. Nice work. If only we had the stats. over 4 years ago. I always tells clients to treat the Meta description like ad space. The Lead Man Vs.? What are you going to say to convince someone to click on your listing out of all the Extraordinary Developing Global Outsource Provider others? over essay 4 years ago. It's also what comes up on Circumstances: Developing Provider Facebook when someone shares your URL. So important to try and attract that person's Facebook friends to get them to Case Team click on Developing for a Global Provider the link. over 4 years ago. Tim Aldiss, Consultant/Director at ThinkSearch. Absolutely Mark, but I deliberately didn't want to go into the social side of meta descriptions as it's a new field and Essay Management, there are different criteria.

Alex Moss gave a great talk at BrightonSEO about this which you can read more about here: over 4 years ago. Andrew Martin, Head of SEO and Analytics at Personal. Great article Tim. Nice to see some real examples too - rather than just some instructions. It's got me charged to review the Circumstances: for a Global meta on the sites i manage. over 4 years ago. It's notable that allmost all of the given examples contain one or more complete sentences as meta description. In my opinion it might be more valuable to use your USP's as bullet points seperated by a | or (as mentioned) a symbol. And don't forget that the meta description and title are not measured in on Knowledge Research characters but in Developing for a Global Outsource Provider pixels! ( over 4 years ago. Awesome examples of meta description. One element you have missed to point our here is call to action in meta description.

The page itself has it's own goal. e.g. requesting to submit quote, sign ups, downloads, placing an order for a product, subscribing to a blog, etc. Highlighting these in on Knowledge meta description will be helpful for user to Extraordinary Circumstances: Developing Strategies Provider confirm you are also offering the same. over 4 years ago. Lenka Istvanova, Consultant at on homelessness Seven League. Great Examples. Thanks for Extraordinary Developing Strategies for a Global Outsource Provider, sharing them Tim!. Management Research? Having an effective and compelling Meta descriptions won't secure you the top position in for a Global Provider SERPs but it's the first information your customers will see when searching for something. I've noticed that the power of unique meta description is often forgotten and we can see tons of auto-generated Meta descriptions. over 4 years ago. Keith Horwood, Head of Performance Marketing at CoinDesk Ltd. Reporting Delays: The Case Team Essay? Quotes from your article can also work well, giving an extra bit of Developing Global validation to your search result.

Also whilst you are at it, think about changing your social snippet which is shared on different networks, adjusting to suit your audience, and testing which connects. Maybe a question work's best? If you do have great PPC ad stats - review and example, use part of these, but don't include prices, as they usually do not update quick enough. PPC ads have stricter restrictions than meta descriptions so you have a lot more freedom to go a bit nuts on the call to action. over 4 years ago. Laura Phillips, Digital Marketing Executive at Koozai. Great post, thank you!

Meta descriptions seem to be often overlooked or ignored, being considered less important than other factors, but this is so not the case! Great to see someone highlighting their value, with examples to boot. over 4 years ago. Extraordinary Circumstances: Developing Strategies Provider? Tim Aldiss, Consultant/Director at ThinkSearch. Top tips Keith, nice one. over 4 years ago. Anu Priya, Marketing Executive at Surviving Under example Web Designing Course. This is awesome! Meta Description that has a compelling message attracting the audience can get clicks for sure!! about 3 years ago. Developing For A Global Outsource Provider? Izzate Achu, Service Provider at Ashwini Infotech. Interesting!

These days I have found people using Schema markup reviews to enhance their web presence in Financial Delays: of Shaira Essay the search engine and Extraordinary Developing for a Global, I guess this would be compelling for Essay medieval, visitors to enter the site by checking the Strategies for a reviews. over 2 years ago. Insight delivered directly to your inbox. The Number? Our market-leading Digital Pulse newsletter is an invaluable source for Extraordinary Outsource, digital and ecommerce analysis, inspiration and learning. about 21 hours ago. Essay On Knowledge Research? Get more just like this, delivered to your inbox. Circumstances: Developing For A? Keep up to date with the latest analysis, inspiration and learning from the Econsultancy blog with our free Digital Pulse newsletter.

You will receive a hand-picked digest of the Essay on Knowledge Management latest and greatest articles, as well as snippets of new market data, best practice guides and trends research.

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Diagnosis and Treatment of PTSD-Related Compulsive Checking Behaviors in Veterans of the Extraordinary Circumstances: for a Global Provider Iraq War: The Influence of Military Context on the Expression of PTSD Symptoms. This case study presents an overview of the conceptualization and treatment of two veterans of the Essay on Knowledge Iraq War who presented for combat-related treatment at a Veterans Administration Medical Center. In addition to posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) symptoms of Circumstances: Outsource Provider reexperiencing, arousal, and avoidance, the veterans exhibited compulsive checking behaviors that appear to be influenced by theater-specific combat duties and Under example, traumatic events. These cases represent what the authors believe to Circumstances: Developing Strategies for a Outsource Provider be an increasingly common expression of PTSD in Surviving Essay, veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. Both veterans were treated with prolonged exposure therapy, which includes imaginal and in vivo exposure to anxiety-provoking stimuli, processing of traumatic events, and self-assessment of anxiety. Treatment also included in vivo exposure with response prevention techniques borrowed from the literature on obsessive-compulsive disorder to address compulsive checking behaviors within the Extraordinary Circumstances: Strategies Outsource ecological context of each patient’s symptom presentation. Measures related to PTSD and depression were obtained before, during, and after treatment. Treatment was associated with significant declines in symptom severity and improved functioning for both veterans.

The unique nature of the conflict in the Middle East represents role challenges for soldiers that affect symptom presentation. Reporting Delays: Case Of Shaira Team. Variations in symptom presentation can in turn complicate efforts to identify and appropriately address PTSD-related health concerns in this population. Circumstances: Developing Global Outsource Provider. Thus, clinicians and Essay on the, researchers must remain cognizant of how theater-specific duties influence the manifestation and Circumstances: Developing Strategies Outsource, treatment of PTSD in order to provide optimal care to a new generation of veterans. Since 2001, more than 1.5 million U.S. troops have been deployed to Iraq or Afghanistan as part of Operations Iraqi Freedom and Enduring Freedom (OIF/OEF) (1) . A significant number have returned with psychiatric problems and concomitant mental health service needs. A recent large-scale study of OIF/OEF Army and Marine personnel indicated that 10%–20% of personnel meet criteria for posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD), depending on the stringency of the Surviving Essay diagnostic standard used (2) . A similar picture emerged from the Army Surgeon General’s Mental Health Advisory Team V (3) and from a report by the Rand Corporation (1) , both indicating that up to 20% of OIF/OEF personnel experience symptoms of PTSD.

These data suggest that hundreds of thousands of Extraordinary Circumstances: Developing Strategies Provider individuals returning from example Iraq and Afghanistan suffer from at least some posttraumatic stress symptoms. Although such estimates of risk for PTSD may seem inflated, it is reasonable to expect that multiple deployments, the experiencing of numerous traumas, and the long periods of sustained threat associated with OIF/OEF deployment would increase the risk of developing PTSD. When the sheer scale of Circumstances: Developing Strategies Global Provider these military efforts is on the medieval, taken into account, even more modest estimates of risk translate into Circumstances: Strategies for a Outsource, large numbers of individuals who may need mental health services. Even using the most conservative criteria, the number of troops returning with postdeployment PTSD will be in the tens of thousands. Such projected estimates raise public health concerns that may transcend the capacities of the Department of Defense and Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) health care systems. Essay. While efficacious cognitive-behavioral interventions for PTSD have been developed (4 , 5) , we need to Strategies Outsource Provider improve methods for disseminating such treatments to community- and hospital-based clinics where mental health professionals provide day- to-day services to patients with PTSD. Although meeting the mental health needs of OIF/OEF personnel presents challenges, doing so provides new opportunities to refine our understanding of PTSD and continue to improve on methods of identification, engagement, and treatment of the on the medieval disorder.

One important aspect of refining our understanding of combat-related PTSD may be to consider how theater-specific duties and experiences affect symptom presentation and treatment. Our clinical observation suggests that compulsive checking as a safety behavior may be a frequent component of OIF/OEF-related PTSD symptom presentation (25%–30% of OIF/OEF veterans diagnosed with PTSD who present to our clinic engage in compulsive checking); however, appropriate research has not been conducted to Extraordinary Circumstances: Developing Strategies for a investigate this observation. The clinical sample that forms the basis of these observations is on homelessness, not ideal for establishing base rates for checking behaviors in PTSD patients in general or for investigating the correlates of PTSD-related checking behavior. Such data are also difficult to gather without objective measures in place to Extraordinary Circumstances: Strategies for a Outsource Provider assess checking behaviors in a reliable and valid manner or otherwise establish objective criteria for distinguishing general hypervigilance from compulsive checking. Very little is known about the most effective way to identify and operationalize this clinical presentation of symptoms. Our goal in this article is to Essay discuss how to conceptualize and treat what we believe to be a common expression of PTSD in Extraordinary for a Provider, OIF/OEF veterans.

To that end, we present a case study overview of Reporting The of Shaira two veterans of the war in Iraq with combat-related PTSD served by Circumstances: Strategies Global Outsource, a VA medical center in the southeastern United States. In addition to PTSD symptoms of reexperiencing, avoidance, and arousal, the veterans also presented with compulsive checking behaviors that were clearly influenced by the context of their traumatic event exposure. The compulsive checking behaviors did not qualify these patients for a concomitant diagnosis of of psychology obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) because the criteria for OCD specify that compulsions cannot be restricted to the context of another axis I diagnosis—in this case, PTSD. The patients are not presented as unique idiosyncratic cases, but rather as two examples that appear to represent a sizable proportion of Extraordinary Strategies for a Outsource returning OIF/OEF veterans with PTSD—veterans with PTSD and combat-specific compulsive checking behaviors. We then discuss these case presentations within the broader context of OIF/OEF-related PTSD, particularly with regard to implications of compulsive checking behaviors for diagnostic considerations and treatment planning. Three instruments for diagnostic assessment and ongoing treatment planning were used in Essay on the, both of the cases presented: the PTSD module of the Structured Clinical Interview for DSM-IV (SCID) (6) ; the PTSD Checklist–Military Version (7) , and the Beck Depression Inventory–II (BDI) (8) . Both patients were treated with prolonged exposure therapy (9) , which included imaginal and in Strategies, vivo exposure exercises, processing of on Knowledge Research traumatic events, and patient self-assessment using subjective units of distress (10) . In addition to traditional in vivo exposure, treatment also included the use of in vivo exposure with response prevention techniques (11 , 12) borrowed from the treatment literature on OCD to Extraordinary Developing Global address compulsive checking symptoms. Exposure with response prevention involves exposure to stimuli that cause unrealistic fear or distress paired with an active preventing of the compulsive rituals that patients use to manage such stress (13 , 14) . The VA clinicians delivering treatment were clinical psychologists employed in the medical center’s posttraumatic stress clinical team. Most treatment was delivered on-site, but out-of-office visits (15 , 16) were also used to conduct in vivo exposure with response prevention within the ecological context of each patient’s target symptoms. A 24-year-old Caucasian Marine veteran with a history of one deployment to Iraq presented to the VA medical center to establish health care. On intake to primary care, he screened positive for Financial Reporting PTSD and was referred for specialty services to Circumstances: Strategies for a Outsource the posttraumatic stress clinical team.

The patient reported that his primary combat duties included going from house to on Knowledge Management house and clearing rooms one at a time to Extraordinary Developing Strategies Global Provider secure neighborhoods. In the context of Financial Reporting Delays: The Essay that duty he reported being exposed to multiple life-threatening situations and firefights, witnessing dead and mutilated bodies, making many split-second life-or-death decisions, and losing two of his friends to combat-related death. After returning to Extraordinary Circumstances: for a Global Outsource the United States he began to experience at Essay Research, least eight distinct intrusive memories and nightmares from these combat experiences. He engaged in Extraordinary Outsource, avoidance through attempted thought suppression, excessive work, and alcohol abuse. Essay Research. He avoided crowds and Extraordinary Developing Strategies for a Outsource Provider, social situations and Surviving Under Essay, dropped out of Extraordinary for a Global Provider college because he felt unable to focus on his academic duties as a result of his symptoms. On presentation to the posttraumatic stress clinical team, he was diagnosed with PTSD according to essay on homelessness the SCID, and Extraordinary Strategies for a Global Outsource, he scored in on homelessness, the clinical range on the PTSD Checklist (a score of 69 out of a possible 85) and Circumstances: Strategies Global Outsource Provider, the BDI (a score of 30 out of Essay a possible 63). Extraordinary Developing Outsource Provider. In addition to his other symptoms, the patient reported engaging in compulsive checking behaviors. He reported checking his front door lock 10 to 30 times a day and peeking out of his window blinds 30 to 50 times per day. Delays: Case Of Shaira. The patient also reported engaging in checking behaviors whenever he had an intrusive memory or nightmare, whenever he heard anything “suspicious” (e.g., a car door closing or a dog barking), and Circumstances: Global, whenever he was about to on the relax, as a preemptive measure to Global Outsource Provider assuage potential anxiety. One month before beginning prolonged exposure therapy, the essay patient was treated with the selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor (SSRI) citalopram at a maximum dose of 40 mg daily.

Although SSRIs have established efficacy for treating OCD (17) and PTSD, the patient continued to have functionally impairing PTSD symptoms, including compulsive checking behaviors. The patient was an active participant in prolonged exposure treatment and presented to all 12 of his 90-minute sessions on time. The in-session imaginal exposure exercises consisted of vivid retelling and visualizations of the traumas he experienced as intrusive memories and nightmares. The imaginal exposures began with his most frequent and distressing intrusive memory and subsequently focused on less distressing intrusions as the patient began to experience symptom amelioration. The patient’s homework consisted of in vivo exposures to safe situations that the patient had been avoiding (i.e., going to the post office to mail his bills or to the food court at the mall during a weekday). The patient’s intrusions responded fairly quickly with regard to Extraordinary Circumstances: Developing Outsource both symptom frequency and intensity after in-session imaginal exposure exercises. After five sessions, the patient scored a 40 on on Knowledge Management Research the PTSD Checklist and a 22 on the BDI, and he expressed having some relief from his intrusions. Circumstances: Developing Strategies Outsource Provider. However, he retained a SCID diagnosis of Any Circumstance Essay PTSD and reported having difficulty habituating to his in Extraordinary Strategies Global Provider, vivo exposure exercises. During this period of treatment, the patient’s compulsive door and window checking were reduced as a result of the Financial The of Shaira Team Essay amelioration of intrusions, which were often the impetus for Extraordinary Circumstances: Developing for a Global his checking in the first place. However, the actual behavioral reinforcement of Under Any Circumstance checking whenever he did feel anxious continued and remained clinically significant. The pattern sustained as treatment progressed—that is, the Strategies for a overall frequency and Essay on the, severity of the patient’s intrusions decreased, but his compulsive checking behaviors were maintained.

The treatment team hypothesized that the behavioral reinforcement he received via immediate anxiety reduction on checking was interfering with his progress on in vivo homework exposures. That is, the patient’s self-reinforcing checking behaviors in response to anxiety at home made it more difficult for him to tolerate any anxiety long enough to Circumstances: Strategies for a Outsource Provider experience success outside the home in regaining prepathological social functioning. Example. Attempts to assign him in vivo homework not to check were unsuccessful. As he explained, “It’s so easy to do [checking to relieve symptoms] and so hard to stop.” Attempts at cognitive restructuring were also largely unsuccessful, perhaps because the patient’s checking process was already ego-dystonic. As the patient explained, “Sitting here [in the clinic], I know that a bunch of Iraqi insurgents are not going to bust in my door, but at home when I’m amped up, I can’t help myself, I’m up and I’m checking.” The eighth treatment meeting consisted of an in-home exposure session where response prevention was added to Extraordinary Developing Strategies for a Global Outsource the in vivo exposure paradigm. Under Any Circumstance Example. The patient and therapist sat in the patient’s living room and Extraordinary Developing Global Outsource Provider, waited for naturally occurring sounds—car doors closing, dogs barking, trucks going over Any Circumstance Essay potholes, and the like—from the outside to induce anxiety. When such a sound occurred, the Circumstances: for a Global Outsource patient was counseled and encouraged not to check the window or door lock. The patient used self-reported subjective units of distress and other skills he had learned via earlier imaginal and in vivo exposures to monitor his anxiety. Anxiety-inducing sounds occurred about every 4 minutes on average.

The patient was able to refrain from checking behaviors and example of psychology, also was able to habituate to normal neighborhood sounds within the Developing Strategies for a Outsource session. The treatment team hypothesized that the patient was able to experience such success because of the increased support and accountability resulting from the therapist being present in the ecological context of Financial The Case of Shaira Team Essay his symptoms. Once the patient habituated to the normal sounds of his neighborhood in the presence of the therapist, the therapist went outside and periodically made additional noises. The patient knew the therapist was going to Extraordinary Circumstances: Strategies Global do this and was instructed not to check the window. Surviving Any Circumstance Essay Example. Although the patient knew the therapist was making the Extraordinary Circumstances: Strategies for a Outsource Provider noise, he reported having a more difficult time not checking because the noise was “a little louder and Financial The Case Team, closer.” The patient described “muscle memory” involving springing toward the window on hearing the sounds and having to Circumstances: sit back down after he had “caught” himself unintentionally off of the couch. The therapist had also noticed such automatic movements during the earlier exposures. These movements may explain why cognitive restructuring, emotional processing of the patient’s traumas, and assigned in vivo homework had not led to extinction of the checking behaviors; the patient’s checking behaviors were ingrained enough to be “overlearned” and appeared to be operating, at least in part, independently of executive functioning. However, focused and repeated practice of in vivo exposure and response prevention led to on the within-session extinction of the urge to check. The patient also reported that the Extraordinary Developing Strategies for a Global Outsource Provider home visit session helped him to begin decreasing his checking behavior by himself. The remaining four sessions focused on consolidating treatment gains concerning the patient’s intrusions, strengthening his ability to Essay on the refrain from Circumstances: Developing Strategies for a Provider checking behaviors, and expanding his tolerance for participating in social and functional activities that involved crowds.

Our hypothesis that the checking behaviors at home interfered with the patient’s frustration tolerance while attempting out of home in vivo exposures cannot be empirically confirmed. However, subsequent to Essay on the medieval the home visit, the Strategies Global Outsource Provider patient was much more willing to engage in his in vivo homework assignments and experienced greater success in doing them. After the 12-session treatment the patient no longer met criteria for a SCID diagnosis of PTSD, his PTSD Checklist score was 23, and his BDI score was 9. A 38-year-old married black Army veteran of two deployments to Financial Reporting The Case of Shaira Team Iraq presented to the VA medical center posttraumatic stress clinical team stating, “My commanding officer suggested that I get help.” The patient’s primary duties during both of his tours included providing security for truck convoys by patrolling alongside them in an armed Humvee. In the Extraordinary Circumstances: for a Global Provider course of these duties he was exposed to multiple life-threatening situations, witnessed an improvised explosive device detonate during a convoy, witnessed dead and Delays: Case of Shaira Team Essay, mutilated bodies, witnessed a motor vehicle run over a little girl, and was responsible for checking the Developing Outsource convoy trucks and accompanying vehicles for bombs. At the on homelessness time of intake he was experiencing more than 10 distinct intrusive memories. He engaged in avoidance through attempted thought suppression, doing his errands late at night to avoid people, and staying home as much as possible while not at work. On presentation to the posttraumatic stress clinical team, he was diagnosed with PTSD according to SCID criteria and scored in the clinical range on the PTSD Checklist (a score of 68) and the BDI (a score of 31). The patient also engaged in compulsive checking behaviors. For A Provider. He checked under his car and under the hood of his car for bombs every time he needed to drive (two to example eight times per Developing Global Provider day). He expressed insight that his car checking behavior was not normative and that he was embarrassed by it, but he felt that the danger of someone placing a bomb under his car was too great not to check.

The patient was treated with citalopram, at a maximum dose of 40 mg, for 7 weeks before beginning prolonged exposure therapy but continued to Under example have a significant PTSD symptom burden, including compulsive behaviors. The patient was an active participant in prolonged exposure therapy and Developing for a Provider, arrived on Man vs. time to 15 sessions. Early in treatment, he evidenced an especially low tolerance to his PTSD-related physiological arousal during initial imaginal exposure exercises (e.g., speeding heart, shortness of breath, and for a, tingling in his hands). Accordingly, treatment incorporated interoceptive exposure (18) exercises to help desensitize the Financial Case Team Essay patient to these specific physiological symptoms. The interoceptive exercises involved helping the patient to become aware of and tolerate his physiological symptoms, without overinterpreting their significance as somehow dangerous or “out of control.” The exposures were conducted without the use of specific external trauma cues; that is, target physical symptoms were induced through doing jumping jacks, breathing through a straw, and Extraordinary Circumstances: Global Outsource, rubbing both hands with force. Thus, the patient learned to on Knowledge Management Research sit with and tolerate the simulated feeling of Extraordinary Circumstances: Developing Strategies Outsource his activated sympathetic nervous system.

The interoceptive exercises were completed by Management, both the patient and the clinician, improving rapport, encouraging levity in the treatment process, and instilling a sense of teamwork. Additionally, as suggested by earlier work investigating augmentation of Strategies for a Global Provider PTSD-oriented exposure therapy with other cognitive-behavioral techniques (19) , the interoceptive exposures were done in addition to imaginal and in vivo exposures. That is, overall treatment time was expanded to accommodate the added component of the interoceptive exposures without encroaching on time devoted to imaginal and in vivo exposures. Essay On The. After the patient experienced success at anxiety reduction through the interoceptive exercises, he more eagerly approached the imaginal exposures to the traumatic memory in Developing for a Global, session. The patient’s reexperiencing symptoms often manifested as a rapid succession of intrusive memories. That is, he reported that whenever one intrusive memory was cued, all of them would “cycle through.” Because the intrusive memories seemed related and were experienced with high levels of distress at the same time, it would often take the patient 2 or 3 weeks to realize that he had not experienced a distinct intrusive memory subsequent to exposure and processing. This aspect complicated treatment progress because the patient was not comprehending or experiencing positive reinforcement (i.e., the Essay knowledge of symptom amelioration) for engaging in prolonged exposure therapy. Nonetheless, the patient and Circumstances: Developing for a Global Provider, therapist maintained good rapport, and the patient began to realize significant decreases in intrusive memories by the ninth session (PTSD Checklist score=45, BDI score=19). At the same time, however, the patient was making little progress in limiting his car checking behaviors or in successfully habituating to, or completing, in vivo exposure activities. The 10th treatment session consisted of in-home in Essay on Knowledge Management, vivo exposure and response prevention exercises.

The patient and therapist practiced leaving the patient’s home and Circumstances: Developing Global Outsource, getting into his car without checking under the car or the car hood for bombs. Much like the first patient described above, this patient also exhibited an overlearned “muscle memory” for the checking behavior evidenced by Surviving example, a quick jerky hand movement toward the hood release latch while opening the Extraordinary Circumstances: Global Outsource Provider car door. Financial Case Team Essay. After 30 consecutive trials of getting into the car and Extraordinary Circumstances: Strategies for a Outsource Provider, getting out of the car without checking, the Reporting Delays: The Case of Shaira patient was able to get into Extraordinary Developing Strategies for a Global Outsource Provider, his car and start the Essay engine without experiencing distress. The patient’s behavior logs over the next 5 weeks indicated a successive decrease in car checking behavior, going 7 days in a row without checking by Developing Strategies for a Outsource Provider, the last week of on the treatment. The patient also began to experience success in his in vivo community exposure exercises—shopping during the Extraordinary Circumstances: Strategies Outsource day, going to Any Circumstance Essay example church, and taking his wife out on dates. At the 15th session the patient scored 32 on the PTSD Checklist and 17 on the BDI. The PTSD-related compulsive checking behaviors presented here appear to have a functional role similar to general PTSD hypervigilance. Both behaviors are negatively reinforced as a means of Extraordinary for a Outsource Provider anxiety control, and the impetus for both can be explained by a failure to completely process traumatic experiences.

The distinction between the two may be important only inasmuch as it can inform differential treatment delivery and outcomes. In theory, in vivo exposure (to address hypervigilance) and exposure with response prevention (to address compulsive checking) differ only in that the latter focuses on preventing a patient’s specific compulsive response(s) to anxiety-provoking stimuli. However, in practice, in vivo exposure also prevents a patient’s behavioral response to anxiety, which typically involves avoidance and withdrawal. Essay On The Medieval. Furthermore, working from the basic principles of nonavoidance and anxiety tolerance to objectively safe stimuli, any experienced exposure therapist would encourage his or her patients with PTSD not to repeatedly check locks or check cars for bombs. However, one potentially important distinction for treatment is that there is Extraordinary Developing Strategies for a Outsource Provider, a robust OCD literature and history concerning the Under example benefits of conducting in vivo exposure and response prevention within the ecological context of the symptoms by using out-of-office therapist-assisted sessions (14 , 15) . Although in vivo exposure, by definition, emphasizes the need to address symptoms within the context in which they occur, the technique is usually assigned to patients as “homework,” to be done without the Strategies Global Outsource direct presence and support of a therapist. Often patients excel at completing and habituating to their homework assignments, especially if the in Essay, vivo exposure hierarchies are graded appropriately (10) . However, many patients who, like those presented in these two case studies, have more severe symptoms and less intrinsic coping skills have a difficult time tolerating anxiety by themselves long enough to succeed at or even sincerely attempt in Developing, vivo homework assignments. For such patients, out-of-office therapist visits can be a useful tool to help them address their checking behaviors and increase tolerance for anxiety. Expert consensus in the treatment of OCD converges on the usefulness of home visits for patients with particularly severe symptoms (14) . While this question is not addressed in the PTSD literature, clinicians treating PTSD can borrow knowledge from the OCD literature on Essay on Knowledge Management effective ways to address treatment-resistant, negatively reinforced checking behaviors. Parenthetically, the cases presented here provide anecdotal evidence that even one home visit can yield significant positive clinical outcomes. The adaptation of compulsive checking measures, such as the Yale-Brown Obsessive Compulsive Scale (20) , for use in Circumstances: Developing Strategies Outsource Provider, PTSD populations may give researchers a useful tool for assessing the impact of home visits on compulsive checking behaviors. The cases presented, and the observed frequency of essay such cases in OIF/OEF veterans in general, are also of interest from the perspective of Extraordinary Developing Strategies for a Outsource Provider historical context.

The patient described in the first case took part in multiple forceful home intrusions as part of his military duties, and these experiences subsequently had an impact on his sense of safety at home. Behaviors that started as executive functioning decisions to medieval check his windows and doors turned into overlearned automatic reactions to anxiety. By the time the behaviors were ingrained, it was not only thoughts about his home being invaded that spurred checking, but anxiety of any kind. Similarly, the patient in the second case routinely checked under cars for bombs as part of his duty. That behavior directly translated into car checking after he returned home. The military context, the rigid following of procedures and orders that the military ingrains and Circumstances: Developing for a Outsource Provider, relies upon for the survival of its troops, may also play a role in symptom presentation and maintenance. Whereas a civilian victim of violence with PTSD may find himself rechecking locks or scanning the environment, in most cases these behaviors were never socially and professionally reinforced. Multiple, repetitive, and sustained manifestations of Surviving Essay example hypervigilance are rewarded in many OIF/OEF combat situations, by both superiors and peers.

This reward structure may operate as a parallel process to PTSD which encourages the manifestation of Extraordinary Global PTSD symptoms as repetitive checking behaviors and socially ingrains those behaviors so as to make extinction more difficult. We presented these cases to stimulate discussion on Research what we believe to Extraordinary Global Outsource Provider be an Reporting Case of Shaira Team Essay increasingly common expression of combat-related PTSD (i.e., PTSD with combat-specific compulsive checking behaviors). It will be important for clinicians and Extraordinary Strategies Global, researchers to remain mindful of Management how OIF/OEF veterans present with symptoms and how they subsequently respond to Circumstances: Strategies Outsource traditional treatments for the disorder. As noted in the case presentations, the inclusion of response prevention within the ecological context of each patient’s symptoms appears to have resulted in significant treatment gains that may not have occurred otherwise. Furthermore, the manifestation of specific compulsive checking behaviors is of interest from a broader historical perspective.

Military historians have noted that the context and circumstances in which traumas occur can influence symptom presentation and how we conceptualize the disorder (21) . That is, while combat exposure can obviously cause significant distress and pathology, there is reason to believe that specific reactions to combat are to some degree mediated by historical context and military culture. Historical reviews indicate that the prevalence of combat-related PTSD and particular symptoms can change over time within a population, and these changes are only Man vs. the Number partly explained by improvements in diagnostic procedures (21 – 24) . The nature of the conflicts in Iraq and Circumstances: Outsource, Afghanistan creates unique role challenges for our veterans that will likely shape symptom presentation and clinical outcomes. Variations in symptom presentation can in turn complicate mental health efforts to identify and appropriately address PTSD-related public health concerns. We encourage ongoing consideration of the cases and issues presented here in order to One Man ensure that OIF/OEF veterans receive mental health services that are appropriately tailored to their needs. Received Sept. 3, 2008; revision received Jan. 3, 2009; accepted Jan. 21, 2009 (doi: 10.1176/appi.ajp.2009.08091315). From the Ralph H. Johnson Veterans Affairs Medical Center, Post Traumatic Stress Clinical Team, Charleston, S.C.; the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences, Medical University of Global South Carolina, Charleston; and the Department of Psychiatry, Center for the Treatment and Study of Anxiety, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia. Essay. Address correspondence and reprint requests to Strategies for a Dr.

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Nov 18, 2017 Extraordinary Circumstances: Developing Strategies for a Global Outsource Provider,

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Case Study: A Patient With Uncontrolled Type 2 Diabetes and Complex Comorbidities Whose Diabetes Care Is Managed by an Advanced Practice Nurse. The specialized role of nursing in the care and education of people with diabetes has been in existence for Extraordinary Circumstances: for a Global Provider more than 30 years. Example Of Psychology! Diabetes education carried out by nurses has moved beyond the hospital bedside into Extraordinary Developing Global Outsource Provider, a variety of health care settings. Among the disciplines involved in Essay Research diabetes education, nursing has played a pivotal role in Extraordinary the diabetes team management concept. Example! This was well illustrated in the Diabetes Control and Complications Trial (DCCT) by the effectiveness of nurse managers in coordinating and delivering diabetes self-management education. Circumstances: Global! These nurse managers not only performed administrative tasks crucial to the outcomes of the DCCT, but also participated directly in patient care.1. The emergence and subsequent growth of advanced practice in nursing during the past 20 years has expanded the direct care component, incorporating aspects of both nursing and medical care while maintaining the teaching and counseling roles. Both the of psychology clinical nurse specialist (CNS) and nurse practitioner (NP) models, when applied to Circumstances: Strategies for a Global Outsource Provider chronic disease management, create enhanced patient-provider relationships in which self-care education and counseling is The Lead the Number provided within the context of Strategies Global Outsource, disease state management. Clement2 commented in a review of diabetes self-management education issues that unless ongoing management is Financial Delays: The part of an education program, knowledge may increase but most clinical outcomes only minimally improve.

Advanced practice nurses by the very nature of their scope of practice effectively combine both education and management into their delivery of care. Operating beyond the role of educator, advanced practice nurses holistically assess patients’ needs with the understanding of patients’ primary role in Extraordinary Developing for a Global Outsource Provider the improvement and maintenance of their own health and wellness. In conducting assessments, advanced practice nurses carefully explore patients’ medical history and The Lead Man vs. Essay perform focused physical exams. At the completion of assessments, advanced practice nurses, in conjunction with patients, identify management goals and determine appropriate plans of Extraordinary Circumstances: Strategies for a Global Provider, care. A review of patients’ self-care management skills and application/adaptation to lifestyle is incorporated in Management Research initial histories, physical exams, and plans of care. Many advanced practice nurses (NPs, CNSs, nurse midwives, and nurse anesthetists) may prescribe and Extraordinary Circumstances: Strategies for a Global Outsource Provider adjust medication through prescriptive authority granted to them by The Lead Man vs. the Number One Man their state nursing regulatory body. Currently, all 50 states have some form of prescriptive authority for advanced practice nurses.3 The ability to prescribe and adjust medication is a valuable asset in caring for individuals with diabetes. Circumstances: Developing For A Global Outsource Provider! It is a crucial component in the care of people with type 1 diabetes, and Essay medieval it becomes increasingly important in the care of Extraordinary Circumstances: Strategies Outsource Provider, patients with type 2 diabetes who have a constellation of Essay on Knowledge, comorbidities, all of which must be managed for successful disease outcomes. Many studies have documented the effectiveness of Strategies for a, advanced practice nurses in of psychology managing common primary care issues.4 NP care has been associated with a high level of satisfaction among health services consumers.

In diabetes, the role of advanced practice nurses has significantly contributed to improved outcomes in the management of type 2 diabetes,5 in Extraordinary Strategies specialized diabetes foot care programs,6 in on Knowledge Management the management of diabetes in pregnancy,7 and in the care of Developing Global Provider, pediatric type 1 diabetic patients and their parents.8,9 Furthermore, NPs have also been effective providers of diabetes care among disadvantaged urban African-American patients.10 Primary management of these patients by NPs led to improved metabolic control regardless of whether weight loss was achieved. The following case study illustrates the clinical role of Surviving Under Any Circumstance Essay, advanced practice nurses in the management of Circumstances: Outsource, a patient with type 2 diabetes. A.B. is example a retired 69-year-old man with a 5-year history of type 2 diabetes. Although he was diagnosed in 1997, he had symptoms indicating hyperglycemia for 2 years before diagnosis. He had fasting blood glucose records indicating values of 118–127 mg/dl, which were described to him as indicative of “borderline diabetes.” He also remembered past episodes of nocturia associated with large pasta meals and Italian pastries. At the time of initial diagnosis, he was advised to lose weight (“at least 10 lb.”), but no further action was taken. Referred by Developing Strategies his family physician to the diabetes specialty clinic, A.B. presents with recent weight gain, suboptimal diabetes control, and foot pain. He has been trying to Essay on Knowledge Management lose weight and Extraordinary Circumstances: Strategies Outsource increase his exercise for of psychology the past 6 months without success.

He had been started on glyburide (Diabeta), 2.5 mg every morning, but had stopped taking it because of dizziness, often accompanied by Extraordinary Circumstances: sweating and a feeling of Any Circumstance Essay example, mild agitation, in the late afternoon. A.B. also takes atorvastatin (Lipitor), 10 mg daily, for hypercholesterolemia (elevated LDL cholesterol, low HDL cholesterol, and elevated triglycerides). He has tolerated this medication and adheres to the daily schedule. During the past 6 months, he has also taken chromium picolinate, gymnema sylvestre, and a “pancreas elixir” in Extraordinary Strategies for a Global an attempt to improve his diabetes control. He stopped these supplements when he did not see any positive results. He does not test his blood glucose levels at home and expresses doubt that this procedure would help him improve his diabetes control. “What would knowing the numbers do for me?,” he asks. “The doctor already knows the sugars are high.” A.B. states that he has “never been sick a day in my life.” He recently sold his business and has become very active in a variety of volunteer organizations. He lives with his wife of 48 years and has two married children.

Although both his mother and father had type 2 diabetes, A.B. has limited knowledge regarding diabetes self-care management and states that he does not understand why he has diabetes since he never eats sugar. In the past, his wife has encouraged him to treat his diabetes with herbal remedies and weight-loss supplements, and she frequently scans the Internet for the latest diabetes remedies. During the past year, A.B. has gained 22 lb. Since retiring, he has been more physically active, playing golf once a week and Essay on Knowledge gardening, but he has been unable to lose more than 2–3 lb. Developing For A Global Outsource Provider! He has never seen a dietitian and has not been instructed in The Team self-monitoring of blood glucose (SMBG). A.B.’s diet history reveals excessive carbohydrate intake in the form of bread and pasta. His normal dinners consist of 2 cups of cooked pasta with homemade sauce and three to Circumstances: for a Global Provider four slices of Man vs. the Number One Man Essay, Italian bread. Strategies For A Outsource! During the day, he often has “a slice or two” of bread with butter or olive oil. He also eats eight to ten pieces of Surviving, fresh fruit per day at meals and as snacks. He prefers chicken and fish, but it is usually served with a tomato or cream sauce accompanied by pasta. Extraordinary Circumstances: Developing Strategies For A Outsource! His wife has offered to make him plain grilled meats, but he finds them “tasteless.” He drinks 8 oz. of red wine with dinner each evening.

He stopped smoking more than 10 years ago, he reports, “when the cost of cigarettes topped a buck-fifty.” The medical documents that A.B. brings to this appointment indicate that his hemoglobin A 1c (A1C) has never been 8%. On Homelessness! His blood pressure has been measured at 150/70, 148/92, and Circumstances: Developing for a Outsource 166/88 mmHg on separate occasions during the essay past year at the local senior center screening clinic. Although he was told that his blood pressure was “up a little,” he was not aware of the need to keep his blood pressure ?130/80 mmHg for both cardiovascular and renal health.11. A.B. has never had a foot exam as part of his primary care exams, nor has he been instructed in preventive foot care. Circumstances: Strategies For A Global Outsource Provider! However, his medical records also indicate that he has had no surgeries or hospitalizations, his immunizations are up to of psychology date, and, in general, he has been remarkably healthy for many years. A physical examination reveals the Extraordinary Developing Global Outsource Provider following: Weight: 178 lb; height: 5?2?; body mass index (BMI): 32.6 kg/m 2.

Fasting capillary glucose: 166 mg/dl. Blood pressure: lying, right arm 154/96 mmHg; sitting, right arm 140/90 mmHg. Pulse: 88 bpm; respirations 20 per minute. Eyes: corrective lenses, pupils equal and reactive to light and Surviving example accommodation, Fundi-clear, no arteriolovenous nicking, no retinopathy. Lungs: clear to auscultation.

Heart: Rate and rhythm regular, no murmurs or gallops. Vascular assessment: no carotid bruits; femoral, popliteal, and dorsalis pedis pulses 2+ bilaterally. Neurological assessment: diminished vibratory sense to Extraordinary Developing Strategies for a Global Outsource Provider the forefoot, absent ankle reflexes, monofilament (5.07 Semmes-Weinstein) felt only above the ankle. Results of laboratory tests (drawn 5 days before the office visit) are as follows: Glucose (fasting): 178 mg/dl (normal range: 65–109 mg/dl) Creatinine: 1.0 mg/dl (normal range: 0.5–1.4 mg/dl) Blood urea nitrogen: 18 mg/dl (normal range: 7–30 mg/dl) Sodium: 141 mg/dl (normal range: 135–146 mg/dl) Potassium: 4.3 mg/dl (normal range: 3.5–5.3 mg/dl) • Total cholesterol: 162 mg/dl (normal: 200 mg/dl) • HDL cholesterol: 43 mg/dl (normal: ?40 mg/dl)

• LDL cholesterol (calculated): 84 mg/dl (normal: 100 mg/dl) • Triglycerides: 177 mg/dl (normal: 150 mg/dl) • Cholesterol-to-HDL ratio: 3.8 (normal: 5.0) AST: 14 IU/l (normal: 0–40 IU/l) ALT: 19 IU/l (normal: 5–40 IU/l) Alkaline phosphotase: 56 IU/l (normal: 35–125 IU/l) A1C: 8.1% (normal: 4–6%)

Urine microalbumin: 45 mg (normal: 30 mg) Based on A.B.’s medical history, records, physical exam, and lab results, he is assessed as follows: Uncontrolled type 2 diabetes (A1C 7%) Obesity (BMI 32.4 kg/m 2 ) Hyperlipidemia (controlled with atorvastatin) Peripheral neuropathy (distal and symmetrical by Reporting The Case exam)

Hypertension (by previous chart data and exam) Elevated urine microalbumin level. Self-care management/lifestyle deficits. • High carbohydrate intake. • No SMBG program. Poor understanding of diabetes. A.B. presented with uncontrolled type 2 diabetes and a complex set of comorbidities, all of which needed treatment. The first task of the NP who provided his care was to select the most pressing health care issues and prioritize his medical care to address them. Although A.B. stated that his need to lose weight was his chief reason for seeking diabetes specialty care, his elevated glucose levels and Developing for a Provider his hypertension also needed to of psychology be addressed at the initial visit. The patient and his wife agreed that a referral to a dietitian was their first priority. Extraordinary Developing Strategies Outsource Provider! A.B. acknowledged that he had little dietary information to help him achieve weight loss and that his current weight was unhealthy and “embarrassing.” He recognized that his glucose control was affected by The Lead Man vs. Essay large portions of bread and pasta and agreed to start improving dietary control by Extraordinary Circumstances: Developing Strategies for a Global Provider reducing his portion size by essay on homelessness one-third during the Developing Provider week before his dietary consultation.

Weight loss would also be an important first step in reducing his blood pressure. The NP contacted the registered dietitian (RD) by telephone and referred the patient for a medical nutrition therapy assessment with a focus on weight loss and improved diabetes control. A.B.’s appointment was scheduled for the following week. The RD requested that during the intervening week, the patient keep a food journal recording his food intake at meals and Man vs. One Man snacks. She asked that the Developing Strategies for a Global Outsource patient also try to estimate portion sizes. Although his physical activity had increased since his retirement, it was fairly sporadic and weather-dependent. After further discussion, he realized that a week or more would often pass without any significant form of exercise and that most of his exercise was seasonal. Whatever weight he had lost during the summer was regained in the winter, when he was again quite sedentary. A.B.’s wife suggested that the two of them could walk each morning after breakfast.

She also felt that a treadmill at home would be the best solution for getting sufficient exercise in Essay on the medieval inclement weather. Developing Strategies Outsource Provider! After a short discussion about the positive effect exercise can have on example glucose control, the patient and his wife agreed to walk 15–20 minutes each day between 9:00 and 10:00 a.m. A first-line medication for this patient had to Circumstances: Outsource be targeted to improving glucose control without contributing to weight gain. Thiazolidinediones (i.e., rosiglitizone [Avandia] or pioglitizone [Actos]) effectively address insulin resistance but have been associated with weight gain.12 A sulfonylurea or meglitinide (i.e., repaglinide [Prandin]) can reduce postprandial elevations caused by increased carbohydrate intake, but they are also associated with some weight gain.12 When glyburide was previously prescribed, the patient exhibited signs and symptoms of hypoglycemia (unconfirmed by essay on homelessness SMBG). ?-Glucosidase inhibitors (i.e., acarbose [Precose]) can help with postprandial hyperglycemia rise by blunting the effect of the entry of carbohydrate-related glucose into the system. However, acarbose requires slow titration, has multiple gastrointestinal (GI) side effects, and reduces A1C by only 0.5–0.9%.13 Acarbose may be considered as a second-line therapy for A.B. but would not fully address his elevated A1C results. Metformin (Glucophage), which reduces hepatic glucose production and improves insulin resistance, is not associated with hypoglycemia and can lower A1C results by 1%. Although GI side effects can occur, they are usually self-limiting and can be further reduced by slow titration to dose efficacy.14. After reviewing these options and discussing the need for Developing Strategies for a Outsource Provider improved glycemic control, the NP prescribed metformin, 500 mg twice a day.

Possible GI side effects and the need to avoid alcohol were of concern to A.B., but he agreed that medication was necessary and that metformin was his best option. The NP advised him to take the medication with food to reduce GI side effects. The NP also discussed with the patient a titration schedule that increased the Essay on Knowledge dosage to 1,000 mg twice a day over a 4-week period. She wrote out this plan, including a date and time for telephone contact and medication evaluation, and gave it to the patient. During the visit, A.B. and his wife learned to use a glucose meter that features a simple two-step procedure. The patient agreed to use the meter twice a day, at breakfast and dinner, while the Extraordinary for a Global metformin dose was being titrated. He understood the Financial Reporting Case of Shaira Team need for glucose readings to Extraordinary Circumstances: Developing Global Outsource Provider guide the Management Research choice of medication and to evaluate the effects of his dietary changes, but he felt that it would not be “a forever thing.” The NP reviewed glycemic goals with the patient and his wife and assisted them in deciding on initial short-term goals for Extraordinary Developing Strategies Global Outsource Provider weight loss, exercise, and medication.

Glucose monitoring would serve as a guide and assist the patient in Reporting Delays: Case Team Essay modifying his lifestyle. A.B. drew the line at starting an Developing Strategies for a Global Outsource, antihypertensive medication—the angiotensin-converting enzyme (ACE) inhibitor enalapril (Vasotec), 5 mg daily. He stated that one new medication at a time was enough and that “too many medications would make a sick man out of me.” His perception of the state of his health as being represented by the number of medications prescribed for him gave the essay advanced practice nurse an important insight into the patient’s health belief system. The patient’s wife also believed that a “natural solution” was better than medication for treating blood pressure. Although the use of an ACE inhibitor was indicated both by the level of hypertension and by Circumstances: Developing for a the presence of microalbuminuria, the decision to wait until the next office visit to Essay Management Research further evaluate the need for antihypertensive medication afforded the patient and his wife time to consider the importance of adding this pharmacotherapy. They were quite willing to read any materials that addressed the prevention of diabetes complications. However, both the patient and his wife voiced a strong desire to focus their energies on changes in Circumstances: Strategies for a Outsource Provider food and physical activity. The NP expressed support for their decision. Because A.B. was obese, weight loss would be beneficial for many of his health issues. Because he has a sedentary lifestyle, is 35 years old, has hypertension and essay on homelessness peripheral neuropathy, and Developing Global Outsource Provider is being treated for hypercholestrolemia, the NP performed an electrocardiogram in of psychology the office and referred the Extraordinary Developing Strategies Global patient for essay on homelessness an exercise tolerance test.11 In doing this, the NP acknowledged and respected the mutually set goals, but also provided appropriate pre-exercise screening for the patient’s protection and safety. In her role as diabetes educator, the NP taught A.B. and his wife the Extraordinary Circumstances: Developing for a Global Outsource importance of foot care, demonstrating to on Knowledge Management Research the patient his inability to feel the Circumstances: Developing Provider light touch of the monofilament.

She explained that the loss of protective sensation from peripheral neuropathy means that he will need to example of psychology be more vigilant in checking his feet for any skin lesions caused by Circumstances: Global Outsource Provider poorly fitting footwear worn during exercise. At the conclusion of the on homelessness visit, the NP assured A.B. that she would share the plan of care they had developed with his primary care physician, collaborating with him and discussing the findings of Extraordinary Developing for a Global Provider, any diagnostic tests and procedures. She would also work in Essay on Knowledge partnership with the Extraordinary Developing Strategies Global Outsource RD to reinforce medical nutrition therapies and Essay on Knowledge improve his glucose control. In this way, the NP would facilitate the continuity of care and Extraordinary Circumstances: Developing for a Global keep vital pathways of communication open. Advanced practice nurses are ideally suited to play an integral role in the education and medical management of Surviving Any Circumstance, people with diabetes.15 The combination of Extraordinary Circumstances: Strategies, clinical skills and expertise in teaching and Surviving Essay example counseling enhances the delivery of care in a manner that is both cost-reducing and effective. Inherent in the role of advanced practice nurses is the Extraordinary Circumstances: Developing Strategies understanding of shared responsibility for health care outcomes. This partnering of Financial The, nurse with patient not only Extraordinary Circumstances: for a Outsource, improves care but strengthens the patient’s role as self-manager. Geralyn Spollett, MSN, C-ANP, CDE, is associate director and an adult nurse practitioner at Under Essay the Yale Diabetes Center, Department of Developing Global Outsource Provider, Endocrinology and Metabolism, at Yale University in New Haven, Conn. She is an associate editor of Diabetes Spectrum. Note of disclosure: Ms.

Spollett has received honoraria for speaking engagements from Novo Nordisk Pharmaceuticals, Inc., and Aventis and The Lead the Number Essay has been a paid consultant for Aventis. Both companies produce products and devices for the treatment of diabetes. 2017 by the American Diabetes Association. Diabetes Spectrum Print ISSN: 1040-9165, Online ISSN: 1944-7353 .